Services by Kelly’s Outer Banks Restaurant and Tavern

Kelly’s Outer Banks Restaurant and Tavern has served a unique cuisine and featured entertainment for more than 3 million residents and guests of the Outer Banks. We are celebrating more than 28 years of delicious cuisine, coastal hospitality, and a diverse array of entertainment. Pick-Up and Drop-Off

You can contact Kelly’s, order from our menu, and pick-up the food from our restaurant. If you would like “self-managed catering,” we can prepare your meal directly for serving or for cooking it later on. We will make sure to accommodate your needs.

Kelly’s Outer Banks Restaurant and Tavern delivers as well. We provide free estimates for this service. The meals for delivering will be customized for you and your needs. The meals stay in warming units while the food is delivered to the customer.


Kelly’s Outer Banks Restaurant and Tavern is the main caterer for the northeastern North Carolina area as well as for some places within southeastern Virginia. We have 25 years of experience with catering services. We have many delicious meals you can order, and we can also customize the meals for you. We provide a variety of catering services and make sure that they meet your expectations. Many types of events can be held in Kelly’s Outer Banks Restaurant and Tavern, but we can also cater for your location.

The full-service catering by Kelly’s Outer Banks Restaurant and Tavern includes a mobile kitchen or cooking units. We prepare for the catering at Kelly’s, and we will come to your location. Components of the catering service include dishes, silverware, serving and banquet tablets, servers, and cooks.

If all of these services are not needed, we can bring the necessary services for your event. Self-directed catering involves the drop-off and pick-up of meals by Kelly’s Outer Banks Restaurant and Tavern. The meals are customized for you and your event. If you have a special recipe, we can make it as well. We are prepared to help you with catering at your special event. For more information on our catering services, contact Kelly’s Outer Banks Restaurant and Tavern at 252-441-4116 or visit the following website:

Our Menu

We are proud to have a variety of Outer Banks cuisine at our restaurant. One of our recent specials was the Broiled Grouper and Crab with pineapple orange marmalade. Another special was the Blackened Mahi with green onion vinaigrette and fried capers.

One of our starters on the casual menu is the Fried Green Tomatoes. This consists of Currituck greenies that are fried in cornmeal with a Tabasco pimiento cheese spread. We also recommend the Warm Mushroom Salad, which is sautéed wild mushrooms that are served on the top of baby greens with pecans, goat cheese, and balsamic dressing.

We have unique entrees to choose from as well. Try the Honey-Hickory BBQ Ribs that are served with a regional starch as well as a North Carolina slaw. Are you interested in our Outer Banks restaurant style pasta? Try the Pasta Alfredo pasta, which is our own Alfredo sauce over pasta. You can add chicken, shrimp, or crab.

We know many of our customers are interested in trying unique seafood dishes, and we have many great seafood dishes to choose from at our Outer Banks restaurant. Try the N.C. Seafood Collection, which includes N.C. flounder, shrimp, scallops, and crab cake, either fried or broiled.

We also have delicious desserts that are made every day by award-winning Chef Becky Miller. We know you will enjoy the wide variety of delicious coastal cuisine that we offer at Kelly’s Outer Banks Restaurant and Tavern.

Whether it is by dining in, delivery, pick-ups, or catering, we are excited to serve you and your family at our Outer Banks restaurant. Come to Kelly’s Outer Banks Restaurant and Tavern and have a wonderful dining and entertaining experience.